Hey Dean,

Been wanting to send this note of thanks for the CD you left me……I haven’t stopped playing yet.

It takes me to work during the week, to the beach on the week-ends, and all points in between….. What a collection !

And I have a whole car full of CDs to throw on, but the hand keeps reaching for that one.

I recently put it on during the recent Labor Day backyard BBQ I had, and as it played the different cuts, folks kept on saying “Oh, that’s my song”. There was something for everybody.

I even had one guest say as she was leaving…”I had a wonderful time; the music was great!!”

She didn’t even mention my ribs, chicken, potato salad, special recipe hot links, or the bean pie..

The CD Won !!!  🙂

Hope all is going great and Thanks again,


[click here for playlist]